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The Fullmoon Exhibition

A fullmoon can be both viewed as a time of crisis as well as a time of opportunity. For the former, it comes in the form of torture for the werewolf, among other things. We choose to focus on the latter.  An exhibition is the display of works and crafts by artists.  ApolloxStudios, together with Artermatis and Harmattan Rain are bringing you the Full moon Exhibition which involves art of all sorts, with Music, Fashion, Wine (yes, wine) and more.  We are trying to emerge as one of the biggest art dealers/curators in Ghana and beyond the borders of this art-filled country. 
During the exhibition, Art works of all forms will be showcased by various artists. Some will be sold at a price. There will be Music for your ears as we will have live performances by musical geniuses. And in terms of fashion , newly designed clothes and prints will be available for purchase too. We, Artermatis are bringing you a nice art experience through various means. Because you deserve to experience the very best in life, and we have that at heart. 
Follow us on twitter @theartemartis. And on instagram @theartemartis_  Below are the details of the show

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