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The Language of Art

To many , art is a way of expression . It's a language spoken by many, but only few seem to grasp it's wisdom. Art tells a story and for this Young Artist, it's everything.

Meet SCRAPA . Passionate about art. And as he's says it's the first gift God bestowed upon him. We had a brief discussion and this is what he has to say about himself.


I started doing art from birth

It was the first talent that God reviewed to me

My artworks as an articulation of variance in dealing with one strand pulled from hip hop culture, that's graffiti. With this visual medium, I take hiphop as subject matter, and highlight its trans culture potential

My. work touches on the codes and language developed with this culture.. I also adapt certain inscriptions around. My oeuvre takes the form of murals or installations. The works is spread on walls, canvases. Roofing sheets and metals as an installation or mural.

•To explore graffiti through hip hop

• send my own narrate with my work

•impact people with my art

•and be the BEST"



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